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We Love Colors

We Love Colors (it’s so hard not to put a ‘u’ in there) have been raved about by fatties all over the world. They are a tights brand that caters to those who want some colour on their legs. Previously, the only types of tights that fat people could look forward to were black. And some more black. Beige. Brown. Possibly navy. And that was it. We Love Colors filled a void that many of us were missing. They’re reasonably priced (especially when our dollar is better), the shipping is quick and the colours (ahhh, that’s better) are pretty close to the swatches on site. Pro tip though? Go for the nylon/lycra blend. My problem with the solid colour was the stretch factor and the uncomfiness near the, errrr, crotchal region. Other people had problems with ankle and knee sag. So far, I’ve had no problems with the nylon/lyrcra.

Here are myself and other fancy ladies in their We Love Colors tights:





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