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About time too!

Right. So…..

There’s a fat girl we all know, who really ought to be speaking up for us more than she should.

All she does though is swan around her dream house, play dress-ups for her stupid plastic boyfriend and constantly reinvent herself to remain eternally young.

You *all* know who I’m talking about.


That’s right, Barbie.

And finally our friend Christian Louboutin, friend of women and their self esteem everywhere, has had the courage to call her out on it.

As reported by “The Daily Telegraph”:

Barbie is no stranger to controversy, having been attacked in the past for being too thin and sending out the wrong message to young girls about living healthily.

But fashion designer Mr Louboutin, whose luxury shoes retail for up to £1,500, thinks the model has ‘cankles’, or fat ankles, and is planning to make his three new dolls even slimmer.

Barbie manufacturer Mattel has previously been attacked for making her too top-heavy, while studies have revealed she also has too little body fat.A Louboutin spokeswoman told Metro: “They’re completely wild and even come with mini Louboutin boxes for the shoes.” But, she added: “He found her ankles were too fat.”

In 1965, Slumber Party Barbie came with a book entitled How To Lose Weight, which advised children: “Don’t eat”.

Mattel was also criticised in 1980 for releasing a black Barbie which lacked African facial features, and simply looked like a white Barbie painted black.

I mean, you can *TOTALLY* see what Christian is talking about. I mean, check her out..

[img_assist|nid=132|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=460|height=460]This is “pooper scopper” barbie – tasteful, no?

And check out those ankles! Goodness Me!

Wow, Mr Loboutin, thank you for finally having the courage to say what we were ALL thinking. I’m certainly going to be saving my pennies even harder for your ultra expensive shoes now, now that I know what a CRUSADER you are for women’s rights.

Christian, Welcome to my shit list. :P





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