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Fat Myths: DEBUNKED. (Laziness Edition)

So a thing that is often impressed on me (and other fats I know) is that we could just lose all the weight if we simply MOVED AROUND more.  Because we are fat, we are also all apparently lazy. 

Hey, newsflash ignorant people: being fat does not cause one to be lazy. Being lazy causes one to be lazy. Being lazy does not necessarily cause a person to be fat, either. It differs from person to person, but regardless? It’s none of your fucking business. And being lazy? Not such a bad thing yaknow. I love being lazy – it’s one of my main goals in life.  People always say it to me as though i’m killing kittens, jebus.  I just like lounging about. I shouldn’t have to justify that because it’s not societally accepted.

As with everything, you have no right to impose your opinions about anyone purely because theirs aren’t the same as your own. 

More fat myths to debunk in the future.

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