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An epiphany regarding fat apparel.

So today I wrote an email to my most favourite underwear company. Oh, they don’t really make cute underwear in my size – so technically i’ve never purchased my favourite underwear from them.  But when I was a teenager I always envied my sister and her friends.  They got cute funky fun undies.  I got lace encrusted high waistedness – if I was lucky.  It’s enough to make a girl go commando, honestly.

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Today I realised that nothing is ever going to change if we don’t pipe up about it. So once a week from this day forward, I plan to write a letter to a fashion label that does not cater to my fashion desires.  Bonds, while making a small selection of plus clothing, has limited their fat underwear to what is affectionately known as “The Grundie”. Bonds Cottontails; for women who like to wear their underpants up to their breasts. I’m not saying they’re a bad choice (hell I’ve worn ‘em) but it’s more the fact that it’s your only choice if you’re over a size 16.  And that sucks big donkey balls. But it’s not going to change unless more of us tell retailers that there is a market for their product; after all, a good businessperson isn’t going to sell a product if they think nobody wants to buy it. We need to educate the uninformed – be as vocal as you can about wanting to spend your fat dollar on their product. That is the only way they will listen.

So with that in mind, here’s the email I sent to Bonds about ten minutes ago:


“I’m a big fan of the look of Bonds products. It saddens me (and quite a few of my friends) greatly that 90% of your underwear lines do not progress past a size 16. The styles over a size 16 that are made by your company appear to be for grandmothers. (Original Cottontails, i’m looking at you.) 

You’re not only missing out on a sizeable portion of the underwear market, you’re also enabling a stereotype that fat men and women can’t be beautiful, and aren’t allowed to wear cute things solely due to their size. While I respect that the company is about business first and foremost, I do know a large number of men and women who would buy your products if they were made (and advertised) in their sizes.  

As a member of the fat community, I wish to help you understand that we like to look and feel just as great as those who are smaller sizes. I appreciate the company’s endeavours into creating plus size clothing – I’m currently wearing a Bonds hoodie after all – but please PLEASE take the next step and start making fun young plus sized underwear. Or at the very least do the market research, and look statistically at how many young fat people there are who are starving for underwear that is cute but comfortable. 




It may not ever be read by anyone who will care, I admit.  But if we fats rally together…. I mean, if we contact designers and retailers for more options in our sizes that don’t look like potato sacks, it might show them that making fatshion is economically viable. 

I will be sending out one email a week to companies that I wished made clothing in my size. I will continue this mission until fats are treated equitably by the fashion industry. This is my pledge.

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