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Silly Dress Ups? Don’t mind if I do!!

Hey there.. thought I’d share some of my latest silly dress up shenanigans with you..

I do some work as a DJ. “Steampunk DJ Omega” is the name I go by and it allows me to attend all sorts of wierd and wonderful parties I probably wouldn’t go to otherwise. It also gives me an excuse to play some very silly and fun dress-up games..

Three gigs I have done in the last few months, all with dress ups.. 

First up, the “Pirates of the Yarribean” cruise.. 


 I used to run an 18th century maritime history themed historical re-enactment group, and we were ALL about the historical accuracy.. this? this has NOTHING to do with that. Pure, ridiculous hollywood pirate here, with the wench-corset and all.

Was a fun night.

Next up.. I DJ’d the afterparty for the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle.. it’s an excuse for thousands of people (there were 6K people there this year!) to dress up like zombies and shamble through the city for no good reason other than it’s fun to dress up like a zombie and shamble through the city..

I didn’t want to be a lame “looks like beetlejuice” kind of zombie, so I went all out with the latex and the fake blood, trying to create a horrifying oozy face wound. From the horrified exclamations of those around me I can only assume I succeeded in this mission. Check it out:

[img_assist|nid=175|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=453|height=604]I sent this picture in a text message to my parents, along with a note saying “Hey! Check out my zombie makeup! Braaaaains!!”


I thought they’d get a laugh out of it – but instead I got a phone call from a very worried father and mother saying they thought I had been in some sort of horrific car accident. 

I did ask them why on earth they thought if I HAD been in a car accident I would A) take a picture of my facial injuries and B) text it to them.. they didn’t have an explanation but they were very glad that I was okay.

This party was lots of fun, Due to an unreliable sound guy (is there any other kind? Mostly, no.) I was DJ’ing from behind the bar for a while.. having plugged my equipment into the PA system of the venue, there being no other speakers available.. I could see everyone coming up to the bar, but they couldn’t see me.

There were a group of SUPER annoying girls there though. They were all very thin, with lots of hair extentions and orange skin from spray tans.. they were jostling each other and saying (you can imagine your own bogan/valley girl accent here) “Get out of my way you fat bitch! You’re obese!” “No, YOU’RE Obese!” “No, you are!” as they pinched one another, giggling all the while.. 

They were all very, very thin. I emerged from the corner of the bar to check the sound levels and they all froze.. in horror.. I smiled.

Now I admit the makeup IS pretty scary, but I don’t think that’s ALL they were horrified at. 

Later they were saying to me “You’re the DJ?!!!” totally unbelieving. Yes, ladies, I am. 

Last but not least, I was very pleased to be the DJ for STEAMPUMP!, a steampunk themed party held at the Donkey Wheell House. I went all out for this one..

[img_assist|nid=176|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=481|height=720]I like how this turned out. Of course I made the mistake of leaving the venue to grab some snacks right as the football crowd was pouring out of Southern Cross Station (big city train station).

When you dare to go out into the streets while being FAT, you get heckled sometimes. When you dare to go out dressed totally crazy, well.. yeah.

A group of football hoons had a loud conversation behind me. One said “Look! Its a stripper!” another replied “Nah, she is too fat.. she looks like.. A NAZI!!!” 

A Nazi Stripper. Oooo-kay.

I turned around, waved at them, laughed, and kept going..

The night went very well, everyone liked what I played. 

And no “mean girls” or footy crowd hecklers are going to stop me dressing up silly and having fun :)





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