The End of an Era

A long time ago I was just a fat person who didn’t have a voice. I was a fat person who was worthless, and I needed to lose weight. Today I’m a fat person who has a voice, who knows that I’m valued by others and myself, and I’m damn well happy in my skin A lot of my growth occured here on Axis of Fat.

And it’s now time to call last drinks on this place.

Axis of Fat has served its purpose, to provide a place for fat people to have a voice, and served it well. But times have changed. It is much easier to set up personal blogs. The needs of those who started AoF, and who took over when we could no longer go on, have changed.

It in no ways dilutes the value of Axis of Fat to my own self-development, and to the personal development and debate that many fat people who have been readers have experienced. The site will remain here in an archived state as a resource and a historical document. Comments are closed, but reading is free.


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This site is now in archived mode. Comments are closed but this is left as historical document     Read More ยป