This Week in Fatness IV

Happy Easter, y’all!



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  • Ragen brings to light the discriminatory hiring practices of Citizen’s Medical Center in Victoria, Texas and suggests that you let them know what you think about this.
  • Curvy Canadian talks about a plus-size yoga class being offered at YogaZonePLUS. I’m putting this under ‘in action’ because it might be something others could look into making happen in their own areas?


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This week’s highlighted site is actually a specific page on Big Liberty, which provides a bunch of references to studies that debunk common misconceptions about being fat. So, I recommend that you check out Truth Behind Fat: References.


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I want to add this section to the weekly round-up, because I think there’s a lot of really good stuff out there. Think of it like the ‘in the spotlight’ section though, ’cause it probably won’t be based on what’s posted during a particular week.

This week’s video is: Fat Rant 3: Staircase Wit

(I will try and work out why embedding doesn’t work for me for future posts, I swear :P )

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