This Week In Fatness II

Late? Yes. Less awesome? No.



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…In Action

  • Sometimes it’s just good to know that actions have results: billboards responding to the controversial “Strong4Life” campaign have gone up!
  • Lesley Kinzel has a book coming out called Two Whole Cakes. You can pre-order it (links in the body of the post).


…In the News

  • Over on The Hoopla, Dr. Samantha Thomas discusses the idea that ‘thin = good and fat = bad.’
  • The editorial choice to use ‘headless fatty’ images in the above article prompted Kath to respond with her own article, where she makes the point that just because she’s fat doesn’t mean that you know her.
  • And while a lot of people like to yell and scream about how allowing your children to be fat is akin to child abuse, Jezebel points out that Vogue apparently think it’s cool to talk about putting 7 year olds on diets, despite obvious distress. ’cause there isn’t anything wrong with that.

And I was going to link to a couple of other things, but the commenters were just too arsehole-y.


…In the Spotlight

This week’s highlighted site is Fancy Lady Industries. Possibly most well known for her Fat necklaces, Natalie also does awesome custom portraits. If you want to see how awesome, you should go check out her blog.


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