So it’s been fairly quiet over here at the Axis. I know that a large number of us have had our own life issues, and frankly blogging has to take a back seat to that kind of stuff.

I honestly don’t know how people are able blog on a regular basis. When I didn’t have a job it was a whole lot easier, but now that I’m working it is a whole new kettle of fish. Really I should be asleep already, but once again fat politics races through my head at all hours. Luckily, we have a blog to discuss these items, hrm?

I’m getting married. And thankfully, I’m not a traditional bride. The idea of wearing a white dress and having a big party honestly scares the crap out of me. I realise, however, that I am a minority. If I were going to go down the route of traditional bridalwear, I do believe I’d be a bit disappointed with my options.

Take for example, J. Crew. My style at the moment is very J. Crew. I feel the aesthetic is simple, comfortable and stylish. Unfortunately, J. Crew do not stock my size. I am a size 24 (on average) but their clothing seems to only go to a size 16 (and even then only in certain styles.) If I were going to do the whole “walk down the aisle” thing in a traditional way, I’d love to wear something like this dress. Which is a real pity, since it only goes up to size 6.

I think it’s great that people from sizes 0 to 6 have so many options, but given the supposedly alarming rising obesity rates, shouldn’t fat people have just as many (if not more) options?

As I am prone to doing, I wrote all these points in an email to the company. It’s laziness and possible prejudice on their parts, but I feel as if we’re not going to see any change in the current system unless we all stand up and demand more choice. Have you ever written to a company asking for their fashion to be more size inclusive?

Food for thought.

Mmm, food.

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  • Ashley

    I’m a size 28-30 dress on average, and got married last summer. I found the traditional dress stores around me (In southwestern ontario canada) size range was extremely low, I heard from some friends that Davids Bridal sold cheaper dresses in sizes upto 32. I was apprehensive at first, but found an AMAZING wedding gown, for 400 dollars (compared to the 1000 plus at home) in my size, that I could try on before I bought. For sizes, I tend to border shop, because the USA has so much more options then Canada….our ranges and options suck!

  • http://twitter.com/luimesb Brit Luimes

    Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! For awesome ideas on less than traditional weddings I recommend http://offbeatbride.com/  Good luck with planning!

  • Vacant Muse

    What she said! and for a moment of happy-making, you should read their body-talk policy. OBB is my sole anything for talking weddings, for good reason!

  • Sazzajane

    I’m about a size 24 as well and got married in March this year.  The thought of getting a wedding dress made and fitted at a snobby bridal store terrified me so I went online!  Bought a gorgeous dress online from http://www.fashionlande.com, tailor made to my measurements.  It cost around $250 (including rush delivery), I received it in 3 weeks and it fit perfectly!

  • Vikki Vi

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