styleshake.com – potential fatshion source

In the vast amount of time I spend on the internet (it’s sickening, really) I came across a website called Style Shake which allows you to somewhat design and create your own tops, bottoms, and dresses. Users can choose from UK sizes 6-18, with the ability to customise your measurements exactly with a made to measure option for an $8 fee.

It’s a fantastic concept in my opinion, and I do hope they continue by expanding size and style ranges. Yesterday I sent them a message asking if they went above size 18, and yes they do! All their patterns are digital and to go larger than that they would have to make a manual pattern, which would cost 20 pounds extra. I don’t know what this involves so I can’t really say if it’s a fair price or not, but I really like that there’s a company that doesn’t automatically exclude or not think of larger fats. Hopefully eventually they will have larger plus digital patterns so I wouldn’t have to pay that extra – 20 pounds is a lot of cash when you convert it to australian monies!

I’ve heard from several sources that the quality of their pieces is very high. For me I would prefer fewer quality pieces that last for years as opposed to lots of things that will go meh after several wears, but I do understand that’s more personal choice and finances than anything else. I’ve played around a bit with their style designer, and it’s pretty neat. I love the idea of being able to specifically get something for my style, my body and my taste. The thing about fashion is that it’s different for everyone – it’d be lovely to customise to exactly what I like, yaknow? That being said, I don’t know if my wallet can ever justify the expense… hrm.

So readers, would you pay the extra? Have you had any experience with this company before? Wanna buy me an outfit? Leave a comment below!

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  • lilacsigil

    While I don't know this company in particular, I think it's actually a good sign that they're offering manual patterns rather than digital patterns in extended sizes. Digital patterns are often shorthand for “giant arm holes” and “bizarre lengths”, and the effect is exaggerated the further away you go from their fit model's size.

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