I like salad and I like muffins

Who’s moralising food now? Why, Sumo Salad!

Let’s get this out of the way – I LOVE salad. Don’t keel over in shock or anything, but I think there’s nothing so refreshing in a stinky hot Brisbane summer as a fresh and crisp salad. Occasionally when I’m out in a shopping centre, I’ll get a hankering for something to eat and the best out of a bad bunch will be food retailers like Sumo Salad. I’ve had it approximately twice in my life (I don’t really go shopping much!) and every time I’ve been there, their staff (teenagers) have closed down the hotplates early so they can go home on time. I’ve had to settle for the premade salad in the bain-marie those times, but last night I snapped and turned on my heel so I could write a passive aggressive tweet about it. When I’m hungry, I’m grumpy. I like to avoid being grumpy.

I felt justified in my wroth when Leigh linked to Sumo Salad’s new ads which brought on waves of non-hunger related grumpiness that can only be assuaged by blogging furiously. 

And anyway, that “cankle” isn’t even one. Fat and skinny people, and lots of people in-between, have cankles – you’re born with them and you may as well make peace with them!

Similarly, many men (from skinny to fat and back again) have “moobs” that they were born with – they weren’t made by chicken nuggets at all.

Hey, Sumo Salad! Your mascot is fat and appropriated for Maude knows what reason because none of your food is even remotely Japanese. Your salads are wilted and bland! I will now add you to the list of Foodcourt Retailers I Avoid – fear the angry fat lady’s wrath! I’m so over the body shaming and food demonising and I don’t understand how insulting your target market will entice them into your stores, unless your ads aren’t aimed so much at fat people but at people who are afraid of being fat. Sumo Salad, you are douchebags (and I like to keep douchebags away from my lady bits!)



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  • 1Sonya1

    SERIOUSLY. I saw the muffin top one on tv the other night and was disgusted. What a freakin' stereotype.

  • Frances

    That reminds me of a post I saw on RandomQuorum: “Muffin tops. Why are they bad? The top of a muffin is the best bit!”

  • 1Sonya1

    EXACTLY. It's like, the only bit I eat!! I usually give the rest to my mum or dad!

  • Kate F

    Skinny people get muffin-tops too. It's a direct result of wearing hipster jeans that are too tight. What a friggin' joke

  • janiewanie

    ok- all three of these ads are super offensive. however, i must admit my biggest gripe is with the first one. muffin top?? more like ill fitting jeans! it's one thing to try to scare people into consuming your product by threatening highly stigmatized body conditions (that are super genetic.) but, to force people into impossible standards like fitting every pair of jeans they ever encounter PERFECTLY is ridiculous! the percentage of people who can find jeans that fit their bodies perfectly is insanely small– thus they must be just as ignorant as they came across. argh! who the funk does sumo salad think they are to try to cause more fat paranoia in a world where fit 10 year old girls are dieting (or purging) because they are hysterically afraid of gaining the figure nature has determined they should have? ugh- i want to kick someone right now!!!

  • lilacsigil

    Sumo – strength, power, agility, speed, size.
    Sumo Salad – shame.

  • Maliss

    I like the idea of the ads, its cute to poke fun at those super scary smoking ads… but seriously, the body shame is for shame!

  • La_di_Da

    Contact Sumo Salad here:

    What a ridiculous advertising campaign.

  • Jasie VanGesen

    Just…. why? why why why? This is asinine.

  • Fall From Grace

    Damn it! I really really like their damn salads and rolls. Why did they have to do that shit? :(

  • Julie

    These ads are simply vile. “Sumo Salad, you are douchebags” is so right.

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