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Today is the day to celebrate being in love with yourself and your dearest ones! I just found this awesome new flickr pool called “Here come the Fat Brides” and I’m very pleased to see that there are heaps of beautiful fat brides who’ve already contributed.

In the same vein, Lesley from has curated a most adorable Museum of Fat Love. She had initially put the idea out there as an antidote to the US series “More to Love”. Not having seen the series, I’ll have to take it from Lesley that it’s rather depressing. The idea of the Museum of Fat Love is to make visible the notion that fat people can meet, fall in love, and have successful and beautiful relationships. Being in a fat couple myself, I can only support that notion! (Totes biased, yo.)

If you’re part of a fat relationship, do submit a photo and your story to Lesley!

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  • Melissa Maples

    The bride in the bottom right corner got everything right. I've always loved the red-and-white combo with blonde hair, and the red flower in the hair seals the deal. Normally I'm not a fan of white wedding dresses, but I'll make an exception for that one.

  • Kate F

    I love these photographs. Too often I see photographs of fat brides in very cheap looking dresses and I think it comes down to the old fat-girl mentality “I don't deserve anything better”. So they have someone whip up something that is very sub-standard (and so many times un-ironed) in cheap nasty polyester with tacky braid or trimming on it!

    At my first wedding I made my dress myself (I learned to be a very good seamstress, it was that or go naked through the anorexic 80s in Australia) out of Japanese silk. It was very structured and elegant, and I felt like a million dollars.

    At my second wedding I made my dress again (again in silk) but decided to skimp on the quality because I was paying for the wedding myself this time. However, the dress was hideous and way too big and 4 days out from the wedding I ended up doing a mad run around town to find a new dress.

    I ended up by the dream wedding meringue number for the princely sum of $195 (it was on sale, down from $2,000) which shows that sometimes we curvy girls have a bit of a win!

    Both times I looked and felt beautiful.

    I tried to explain this to a fellow fatty but she refused to get into anything nice and married in a hideous black floral pants suit. I think she really felt as though she didn't deserve anything nice because she'd gone from a size 8 to a size 24 and she wanted to punish herself for not losing the weight before the wedding.

    EVERY bride has a right to wear a beautiful dress. Not just the skinny ones but the fat ones as well. I just wish my friend could have realised that and allowed her beautiful figure to be on show, instead of hidden away.

    Natalie, your own wedding photographs are just beautiful. Artful, fancy and beautiful.

  • the fat nutritionist

    Awww, that's my friend Dee up there in the corner.

  • marysetter

    More people need to realize it's okay to not have the perfect body. Thank you! And I agree about the colors! red and white are a perfect combo. Beautiful photo's.

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