Fat Myths: DEBUNKED. (Laziness Edition)

So a thing that is often impressed on me (and other fats I know) is that we could just lose all the weight if we simply MOVED AROUND more.  Because we are fat, we are also all apparently lazy. 

Hey, newsflash ignorant people: being fat does not cause one to be lazy. Being lazy causes one to be lazy. Being lazy does not necessarily cause a person to be fat, either. It differs from person to person, but regardless? It’s none of your fucking business. And being lazy? Not such a bad thing yaknow. I love being lazy – it’s one of my main goals in life.  People always say it to me as though i’m killing kittens, jebus.  I just like lounging about. I shouldn’t have to justify that because it’s not societally accepted.

As with everything, you have no right to impose your opinions about anyone purely because theirs aren’t the same as your own. 

More fat myths to debunk in the future.

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  • lilacsigil

    Cycling 15km a day (for transport) didn't make me thin (or super-virtuous), it just made me a fat chick on a bike. But remember – if you're a non-lazy fat person and you like to get out and about, it's all okay for people to shout at you and throw things, because moving around is ALSO BAD. If you're fat. Or something. Maybe I'm just meant to be Invisi-Fat.

  • http://corpulent.wordpress.com/ Frances

    I always find it interesting that people are more than happy to accept that the thin person who eats whatever they want but cannot fathom the fat person who exercises. BOTH FAIL THE ENERGY IN TO ENERGY OUT THEORY. NOW SHUT UP.

  • tara

    Good job debunking this myth. If I knew all that you had to do to debunk a myth was to say it isn't true on the internet we would have no myths left by now.

  • emilylzbth

    Ugh, so true.

  • http://stayclassyla.blogspot.com JLopezCostume

    I'm running 100 miles between September 1st to October 31st. My friends comment that I exercise more than anyone they know. I'm still fat. But I like running. And push ups. And burpees, crunches, pilates, yoga, and kickboxing. To some people, this just does not compute, and I tell off ANYONE who tells me to “try harder”.

  • http://twitter.com/BigGirlBlue Meo

    I've known many a skinny person who were way lazier than me.

  • http://corpulent.wordpress.com/ Frances

    Also should add that I consider my laziness a virtue. I look upon people who can't sleep-in and can't lie in bed for hours after they've woken up with such pity.

  • Guest

    I would like to share my experience at Aradia Fitness http://aradiafitness.com/franchises/brampton/httpdocs/ which is sexy pole dancing fitness classes. I called before signing up and asked who there clientele was and she said 80% of the participants were overweight. I was always the fattest girl in the class being 200 pounds. The other women were no more than 140 lbs. One person’s version of being overweight can really differ to another individuals view.

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