Axis of Fat People in Art

I’ve been a member of Red Bubble since 2008, creating art and selling it as prints. I’m an illustrator (primarily) and like to use lots of different body shapes in my art but back when I was at university studying visual art I noticed that I enjoyed life drawing sessions with larger models. Somehow, it feels much more natural for my hand to follow my eye when the lines are loose and flowing! I thought I’d show you a few of the artists on Red Bubble who are inspired by the fat form.


Urban Attitude by TokyoCandies


Play Nice by Paul Vanzella


SoulMistress by Paul Vanzella


Venus by Barbara Glatzeder


The Fairy of Cakes by Samuel Durkin


The Dolly Dimples Diet by Natalie Perkins
(Woops, did I get a little self-promotion on this post?!)

I was hoping to support artisans on by featuring plus sized garments and other crafts, however a search yielded nothing. Nada! I’m hoping this is just a failing of the search engine on the site… can you point me in the direction of Australian artisans and makers of plus size items? I started with because it’s Australian, and this blog is primarily concerned with an Australian take on fatness, but if you’ve got Australian Etsy links I’d love to see them!

Tell me about your favourite art with fat people in it!

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  • 1Sonya1

    Links! Oh man, I can't remember her username on Etsy. I did a post on No More Mumus about Aussie Etsy users, but not specifically clothing. I think the person's name was … Peta Pledger? Something like that.

    Loving Paul Vanzella's work! It's hot. And of course, yours. :D

  • Frances

    Whoa, I like 'Play Nice'. I like it a lot.

  • men_in_full

    I especially like the third one from the top.

    Have you happened to see any of fat men over there?

  • sandra

    love these!!

  • Cyn

    This is lovely, Natalie. Thanks for sharing!

    I have loads of favourite artists who include fat people in their work. One of them is Gaston Lachaise. He was a French sculpture who did all these massive, fleshy bronze women and men in the sexiest way possible. It makes you want to touch them and caress them when you see them live. Everyone is like “WOW FERNANDO BOTERO AND HIS FAT PEOPLE”, but I don't like him one bit because it's all very kitschy and almost as a joke. Gaston Lachaise achieved what he never will.

    Other faves are the old school, usual ones: Rubens, Titian (from the time he had a fat girlfriend), the sybilles from Michaelangelo's Sixtine Chapel. Artemisia Gentileschi's selfportraits, because she was a fat feminist artist (even if the horrible biopic shows otherwise) and she portrayed herself as Judith beheading Holophernes and being motherfucking badass. From the new-ish ones, there's also Jenny Saville (see the cover of Manic Street Preachers' Holy Bible) and Lucien Freud (he paints people of all sizes, in the fleshiest in-yer-face ways).

    There's this book on fat girls in art that is called Zaftig: The Case for Curves, by Edward St. Page. I just ordered it last Thursday and it's now on its way. We'll see how it is when it gets home!

  • Cyn

    *sculptor. Sorry, got a bit carried away because I'm such an artphag :D

  • Melissa Maples

    Ah, I only ever find these kinds of things through you! Moar of this plz. Regular weekly art finds.

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