We Love Colors

We Love Colors (it’s so hard not to put a ‘u’ in there) have been raved about by fatties all over the world. They are a tights brand that caters to those who want some colour on their legs. Previously, the only types of tights that fat people could look forward to were black. And some more black. Beige. Brown. Possibly navy. And that was it. We Love Colors filled a void that many of us were missing. They’re reasonably priced (especially when our dollar is better), the shipping is quick and the colours (ahhh, that’s better) are pretty close to the swatches on site. Pro tip though? Go for the nylon/lycra blend. My problem with the solid colour was the stretch factor and the uncomfiness near the, errrr, crotchal region. Other people had problems with ankle and knee sag. So far, I’ve had no problems with the nylon/lyrcra.

Here are myself and other fancy ladies in their We Love Colors tights:





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  • lilacsigil

    Yeah, I'm usually sized out of tights due to my big hockey-player calves, but these have enough stretch to fit beautifully without sagging around my much smaller ankles and knees. AND they're tough enough to survive multiple wearings, which is really a first for me! I love that touch of aqua in the brown outfit!

  • 1Sonya1

    I usually have weirdness in tights not fitting my thighs, so I was super glad these did! Thank you!

  • Nicholas Perkins

    I love the way you always seem to have this “I'm a very serious fashionista” look on your face in these types of pictures.

    I can vouch to the awesomeness of these tights from a visual perspective and from the perspective of having a wife who doesn't want to kill things/put pins into things because she can't have nice tights like everyone else. Lifesaving really.

  • Kath

    I totally love the We Love Colours tights, even though I have the solid colour ones that are a bit saggy-baggy. I am going to by the lycra ones next time.

  • Frances

    Seconded on the nylon/lycra blend. The cheaper ones give terribly knee sag – boo!

    Currently I'm waiting on an order of turquoise, red and yellow.

  • Katherine

    Wearing We Love Colors tights with my fancy new boots is THE thing that I'm looking forward to most about this fall. Unfortunately, it's far too hot for tights here in Texas right now, but in a few months, it'll be just right! I've never tried them, so I'm optimistic. :)

  • emilylzbth

    Ohhh I agree. It's way too hot for tights in Kansas but I really am stoked for the fall and all the sweet tights I'm going to wear. :D

  • definatalie

    I really wish We Love Colors would release patterned and fishnet tights in the plus size range. From reports (thanks Kath!) the plus size “one size fits all” tights wouldn't fit me at all. Booo.

    But I do love the plain colour nylon/ lycra tights, there's at least that. I just really want some lovely textured tights *sob*

  • Katherine

    Gah. I know! All of the lovely pictures from fats in the southern hemisphere are driving me mad. I want to wear boots and tights!

  • Kath

    I don't reckon they'd fit most plus sizes, except maybe the lower end of the scale (no pun intended). They're not cut the same as the other ones, so they don't have the nice shaping that the solid/lycra ones do.

    I vote for them to bring out patterned and fishnets in proper plus sizes too!

  • 1Sonya1

    lolololol I know! I never know what to do with my face, so I default to either srs bizness or smirking.

  • 1Sonya1

    Yeah, that's what I found with the solid colours too! But they were also weirdly tight in other places? Strange. I haven't had any problems with the nylon/lycra yet!

  • 1Sonya1

    Ooo, I love my turquoise!!

  • 1Sonya1

    Sympathies! I love my tights. Give it 2-3 months and you can give us sympathy for our heat and lack of tight weather!

  • 1Sonya1

    I know! I would love to see some awesome tights in lace, or something like herringbone in plus sizes. Did you see Makia's tights on flickr? The hot pink ones with black details? I would LOVE something like that.

  • Frances @ Corpulent

    OK, I just found out that my order was shipped almost two weeks ago and I still haven't received it yet.

    Someone at Australia Post is going to get a swift kick to the face. NO ONE GETS BETWEEN ME AND MY TIGHTS.

  • Kath


    That depends on who it is trying to get in there for me!

  • Kath

    That would be AWESOME!! Lace, prints, VERTICAL stripes, wet look, all those fabbo things.

    Come on We Love Colors, pick up the challenge!

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