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I like to think of myself as rather a stylish woman. As I have previously mentioned, I follow a fair number of fashion blogs, as well as cultivating my own fashion sense through trial and error.  And oh boy, there has been some error over the years.  I mean, who talked me into tencel and hypercolour?! Luckily I have burned the evidence.

My biggest inspiration these days is watching runway shows, where I get ideas and sketch out how I would improve/modify the designs for my own body. I plan to one day have my ideas made up by a dressmaker, but until then it’s retail only for me. I loooove chanel, prada and tommy hilfiger, as well as a fair bit of valentino – oh how I wish these brands would make clothing in my size. To translate these fairly clean lines into my own wardrobe I have a lot of pieces that accentuate my favourite parts (which are usually my breasts and decolletage.) I tend to minimise accessories, in one part because they drive me nuts, and another because i feel as though they detract from who I am. My one accessory indulgence is generally hats – I can look fabulous in most hats that others would look ridiculous in.  It’s great, though it does mean I continually expand my chapeau collection – not such a good thing when you’re in a limited space.

Aaaaanyway, I now ask for a little bit of indulgence from the AoF readership. Tell me: where do you get your style inspiration from?  Do you have a particular designer/person that influences the way you dress? Or are you inspired in other ways?  Remember – just because it’s unconventional doesn’t mean it’s not a style – it’s all about finding a way of expressing who you are, and being comfortable with that. And that doesn’t necessarily mean clothing, either!

Leave your thoughts in the comments, i’d really love to know.

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  • emilylzbth

    I have a ton of fashion inspirations. Lately everyone involved in fatshion blogs/photos/etc has been a huge inspiration to me. I've never really seen many stylish women my size. I love how gutsy other fats are with fashion. It inspires me to take more risks.

    I am also incredibly inspired by the a quote I read from Beth Ditto… she said that just because something makes you skinnier doesn't make it a good outfit. When I read this it was like a light bulb went off in my head. After all, no amount of body shapers and outfits with the “right cut” for fat women are going to make me look thin. At the end of the day, I'm still fat so I might as well just go for things I like.

    Hmm… I am also inspired by designers. Alexander McQueen, Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, Diane von Furstenburg… I could go on.

    In the people department… I'm really inspired by Velvet d'Amour. She is an amazing fat model. So fucking gorgeous. And she started my venture into fat acceptance when I saw her in BUST Magazine a few years ago. :)

  • http://stayclassyla.blogspot.com JLopezCostume

    I am inspired by things I see on the runway, but not necessarily how it is presented on the runway. Being a designer myself, I see what other designers are doing creatively, and wonder how that might translate to how I wear things. There are very few designer's pieces that I would just wear how it is. Of course, this is dependent on if I could afford a designer wardrobe to begin with. But, I do take designer style and then I see Los Angeles street style and I'd like to think my style is a mix of that.

  • http://corpulent.wordpress.com/ Frances @ Corpulent

    My style is a mix of street, 80s and hip hop. I love colour and patterns and I LOVE kitsch accessories.

    In terms of style inspiration, I get a lot of happiness from M.I.A., Jeremy Scott (both his own label and his collaboration with adidas), and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

  • http://fatheffalump.blogspot.com/ Kath

    I'm a bit of a style magpie. I see things all over the place – movies, online, on the street, in the shops, on friends and then I pick out the bits that I really like and keep an eye out for them in the shops. I tend to try things on in the store and if it makes me feel good straight away, I buy it. Anything I feel I have to adjust or I'm not sure about… back on the rack it goes.

    As far as famous people and style, the one woman I think always looks amazing is Queen Latifah. I love the soft, feminine but bold look she carries and how she dresses to suit what makes her feel good.

  • Peggy

    People in the street. Runways and magazines are fine for learning what the designers think is hot this year, but they are sort of dead, no soul to them, and you only really know what the stuff is about when you see a real person wearing the looks, without all the dodgy last minute fixes (taping, pinning etc) that can happen for the runway. Magazine fashion shoots are even worse when it comes to misrepresenting clothes, because the models aren't even in motion.

  • http://shutupmonica.wordpress.com shutupmonica

    Fatshion bloggers! Sometimes I get really discouraged when I can't find pants that fit me well, or I worry that I can't rock my cowl-neck trapeze tunic, and then I read Fatshionista and everything is OK, you know?

    My personal style is still developing (I'm a young'un!), but it's a mix of girl-next-door, classic style elements and the hipster aesthetic. I attend a small liberal arts college that is chock full of hipsters, and people tend to dress really nicely (think uber-hipster with elements of glam) to counteract the fact that we are absolutely in the middle of nowhere. So I draw a lot of inspiration from people I see at school. I pay moderate attention to current trends, in magazines etc., and I pick what I like from that. I've also taken up knitting and I'm beginning to incorporate a lot of knitwear, especially scarves and cardigans, into my style. Oh, and I loooove layering.

  • http://catinthehat.livejournal.com/ PJ

    I get a lot of inspiration from fashion blogs as well as people watching. I always cary a notebook and pen with me, that way if I see something I like I can always do a quick sketch and translate it into a pattern or see what's already in my closet.

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