My outfits, let me show you them

I really want to get into some kind of habit of posting “outfit of the day” (OOTD) shots. First though, I think I need to catch you up on what I like to wear. I don’t like wearing polyester-chiffon, see-through blouses, or anything stretchy simply for the sake of hiding my body; I do like simple lines and layering, textures and surfaces, prints and colours. For me, fashion is joyful and expressive and I like to be able to dress for the occasion and reflect my feelings about the day or night ahead in what I’m wearing. Sometimes I can be conservative, but a lot of the time I just like to have fun. Depending on the brand, I range from AU size 20-24; in my overseas sizing experience I can be a US 22-26 and UK 24-26. My belly sticks out – I often say that I’m more frontal than I am “sidal”, and as a result I think I do try to find clothes that don’t draw attention to my belly. In the past I have been asked by strangers if I am pregnant (to which I answer “no I’m just fat”). I tend to either wear tops that sit at the top of my thighs, or skirts and belts at my natural waist – which is quite high.

I’m hoping to post at least weekly recaps of my outfits, but consider this a little retrospective of my favourite (photographed!) outfits of the last few months.

Tap dance teacher outfit

Top: City Chic (back when it was Big City Chic, ooaah)
Belt: City Chic
Skirt: $2 at the Valley Markets in 2002
Shoes: Softspots (so comfy!) via
Rad sparkly guitar brooch: mother in law


Fairly casual

Cardigan: Kmart
Shirt: Target (has cute neckline + tiny collar!)
Jeans: 1626 (now Autograph)
Shoes: Novo
Bag: Sachi (Myer brand)
Scarf: crocheted for me by my Mother-in-law
Hair: needing styling but I couldn’t be bothered


I'm so 80s I poop shoulder pads

Dress and belt: Yours Clothing
Awesome wet-look tights: Yours Clothing
Shoes: Novo
Scissor fingers: Jazz dancing lessons in my youth


WATCH OUT! It's the Axis of Fat

Top: Bonds
Dress: Evans
Tights: We Love Colors
Shoes: Softspots


Parisian schoolboy?

Shirt: Target (a men’s shirt that doesn’t fit my husband)
Vest: Yours Clothing
Jeans: Smile Land (Japanese brand – Zoe bought these for me when she was over there)
Cardigan: Target
Hat: Crocheted by me!
Shoes: Evans
Glasses: Giant Vintage

I have quite a few new clothes from Yours Clothing and Evans (including THE domino dress!) and quite a few places to wear them in the next few weeks, so I am reminding myself to be diligent in outfit photoing so I can report back to the Axis!

Tell me about your fashion style in the comments!

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  • Bianca

    My style is kind of boring right now, but I am working on wearing more color.

    Speaking of color, I love your yellow flats!

  • LexieDi

    So pretty! I'm dying for a dress! ((All I ever wear are jeans, it seems.)) I saw this adorable tan one at Torrid that I'm saving up to snatch and strut around in.

    I love the adorable student look you have going on in the last one. And those shoes you're wearing with the purple and black jumper are amazing! I'd kill for a set of heels that aren't too tall and thin.

  • Melissa Maples

    So many cute outfits! You inspire me to dress better, as I have a yoga uniform that I wear most days.

    In the past I have been asked by strangers if I am pregnant (to which I answer “no I'm just fat”).

    This made me laugh! I'm more sidal and backal… pregnant in the hips and arse, as it were.

  • definatalie

    A few years ago I pretty much only wore black! I decided that I would at least try to experiment, and I think it's been good in forcing me to source clothes from all kinds of places. Australia is very big on the “all black fatty clothes”, I'm not sure what it's like elsewhere in the world, but buying clothes online helped me start to climb out of that rut.

  • definatalie

    Do buy some dresses! I started by buying dresses people sold in the “sales post Fridays” on the fatshionista lj community.

    I can't wear heels that are too high – I used to think I couldn't wear them at all (I've damaged both my ankles in dancing or tripping incidents!) but spent a lot of money on heels for my wedding day and discovered that if I threw money at the problem it got better! Then I discovered Evans shoes – they are wide enough for my feet and it seems I can get through a whole night without being in screaming pain by the end of it! Plus, they're cheap :D

  • definatalie

    I don't dress up every day, but when we're going somewhere I simply must!

    There's something about making people feel awkward for inquiring about your body. I enjoy and savour it :D

  • kate

    You never told me about Yours Clothing??

  • sharnee

    I didn't know that Big City Chic had changed name into City Chic. Hmm, interesting. The first pic kinda looks like a dress but I LOVE it… the belt is really flattering and your figure looks delicious! And…. those shoes in the last photo… *sigh*

  • Kath

    You fabulous thing you!

    I too am all belly. Belly and boobs. I don't mind the boobs being featured, but I try to minimise the belly view!

    Personally I like soft, floaty, feminine things. I love to seek all the groovy, fab and funky on everyone else, but I never quite feel comfortable in it myself. I feel best when the outfit I'm in feels soft. Queen Latifah is my style idol, she always has such a soft, feminine, womanly look about her. Helps that she totally glows with confidence and serenity.

    Thank you for sharing the sources of your outfits, it helps me find pieces that suit me. I love the dress in the third photo, that's SO lovely. I wish I could wear belts, but they draw attention to bits I don't want attention drawn to.

    My two current most favourite pieces come from Autograph's new season range. I bought the purple butterfly top (has black trimmed butterfly style sleeves) and a satin Indian print top in purples and teals. Yummy.

  • definatalie

    When I bought all the stuff I posted about it on lj! But you might have been having your computer troubles then.

  • definatalie

    City Chic changed last year, I think. You might have been knee deep in baby making though!

    I adore the t-bar sandals, but due to my inexperience with UK footwear sizing I bought them two sizes too big! I put lambswool inner soles in them though, and that seems to make them wearable.

  • kate

    No issue. I am shopping the fuck out of it now :)

  • definatalie

    I think it's really good that you know what you feel comfortable in! I guess we have opposite feelings regarding soft and floaty – I feel like I have to adjust myself all the time, haha! I've never felt like I am a soft or feminine sort of person though – I'm more of an obnoxiously feminine person :P

  • definatalie

    DO IT!
    Some of their sales stuff is ridiculously cheap (and cheerful!)

  • kate

    How fast do you find their shipping generally?

  • sharnee

    Ahh the innersoles is a good idea! They look killer!
    I like sleeves on my clothes and stupid city chic never seem to have sleeves! I don't know what's up with that.
    Of course it's been a while since I went there (obviously) so hopefully everything has sleeves now!

  • definatalie

    I ordered from Evans and Yours on the same day, and got my orders from both places a week later at exactly the same time.

  • CL

    I love your yellow shoes in the second picture! So cute!

  • lilabris

    your first and last outfits are adorable!

    I looove highwaisted skirts/belted looks, they're so flattering. Love 50s inspired outfits, possibly having a resurgence thanks to Mad Men. Highwaisted tulip skirts are also awesome for my body type. They give you an instant hourglass and for someone like me who has narrow hips, i very much appreciate the help! :D I'm short, have a small bust, larger belly and small hips so pants are generally not my friends. I have to stick to skirts/dresses/cardi combos to be in proportion. But i love it, so it works!

    I covet your last look. It's really cute, funky, trendy, sexy, nerdy all in one.

  • Kath

    I like the touchiness of soft, floaty things. I'm a total texture whore, it's got me in trouble on more than one occasion.

    I totally envy your funky/groovy ability. I wish I could carry it off!

  • bri_fatlotofgood

    I love your hair in the jazz dancing pic, your retro style in the first one and those magenta tights rock!

    It shits me no end that Big City Chic dropped the Big. I mean come on people, who are we trying to kid by dropping the Big? Everyone knows it is a fat girls shop so why bother? *sigh*

    My style of choice varies between retro and goth. Sometimes together and sometimes separately. That is of course when I am not just throwing on jeans and a long sleeve tshirt (in winter anyway) to bum around the house in. Until I joined Fatshionista, I wore A LOT of black. Mainly black. Which of course worked well with the Goth thing but still… now I have quite a lot of color in my wardrobe (for me anyway) and a lot of skirts and dresses. And it is good!

  • kittycatchops

    Eek! You are Natalie?? I'm a huge fan!! *blush*

    I first found you on Livejournal, and then saw you this morning on Gabi's blog. I can't tell you how wonderful you are-a beautiful girl in every way and have really inspired me in so many ways. Sorry to gush, but you're just amazing!

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